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Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen is an experienced and highly popular yoga teacher and studio owner from Ho Chi Minh city,Vietnam. She is passionately interested in the body’s full potential for movement, fitness and balance. Kim has 15 years yoga experience with teacher certifications from Gymnastics & Sport Federation (Vietnam), Ashtanga Vinyasa (Singapore) and Anusara Yoga (Thailand). Kim is an E-RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance and is faculty for 200-hour YTT programs . Kim is also a meditation practitioner and teaching meditation in 200-hour international yoga teacher trainning  courses and some small training courses in Viet Nam. Known for her warm compassionate attitude, graceful advanced personal practice, thirst for knowledge and high standards - Kim skillfully guides her students into a well-aligned, mindful and safe yoga experience. She is happy to be holding an important space for alignment-based educational asana teaching in Vietnam, where she helps many people find joy and healing through a holistic fulfilling yoga practice. Kim teaches equally well in both English and Vietnamese. 

Lien Le

Lien’s passion is yoga and she has been practicing since 2008. Her first yoga certification was completed at the Gymnastics and Sport Federation of Vietnam.

After years of office bound work she recently made the decision to pursue her dream full time and achieved international qualification and certification after completing the Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training 200 hour course, under Tirisula Yoga from Singapore.

Lien speaks both English and Vietnamese.

Loan Nguyen

Loan or Lan as she is called by everyone. She was a tailor, is a great cook and a hard working and honest person. She came to yoga because of her little sister's encouragement.

She first did not like yoga, just practiced only 2 or 3 times a week. 
The more she practiced the more she fell in love with yoga. She started to practice almost everyday. She lost 5 kilos because of practicing yoga and changing her diet within 8 months.
She then enrolled in the yoga course of the HCM Sport Federation to get the yoga instructor certificate.
She started to teach yoga at Shriyoga and became a full time yoga teacher.
She often cooks good vegetarian food for Shri's members.
Come and experience her teaching and also her dishes at Shriyoga.


From beginning, I approached yoga just as daily work-out to lose weight, but I gradually realized yoga is not only transforming my body but also positively changing my mind and spirit.
In July 2014, I took the 200hour – teacher training course at Tirisula, Singapore to deepen my knowledge about yoga and improve my practice. After the course, I was awakening of how important yoga is for body and mind and I decided to teach yoga from then. Commitment in practicing asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), dhyana (meditation) gives me more energy, more joys in daily life and nourishes positive thinking…
I really hope that more people practice yoga and find beautiful things in yoga like I do, to know yourself more, to love yourself more, and to open your heart more to other people…

Vy Nguyen

After years of high-pressure and stress of working, Vy believes that for the good health that should be had a peaceful soul and clairvoyant mind so she does yoga which may bring her the peace in soul at first. Yoga is gradually much more important in her life and now she spends most her time for yoga. To her, everybody should have an active soul, active mind then he has active body. Vy achieved the international qualification after completing the 200 hour yoga training course of the Chandra Yoga International, India.

Thầy Kiệt

Kiệt đến với Yoga xuất phát từ việc yêu thích các tư thế Asana đầy chất nghệ thuật, thể hiện rõ ràng vẻ đẹp hình thể của mỗi người. Sau khi tìm hiểu về Yoga nhiều hơn, Kiệt mới nhận ra rằng bản thân bị cuốn hút bởi cái hồn của tư thế khi người thực hiện đặt tâm, trí vào chúng. Ngoài ra, các tư thế Asana còn có tác dụng mạnh mẽ cho việc chữa lành thân và tâm, đặc biệt là một bước đệm để thực hành thiền định được tốt. Tuy nhiên để thực hành chúng một cách an toàn, hiệu quả không hề đơn giản. Kiệt đã tìm học và hoàn thành khóa huấn luyện 200 giờ Anusara Yoga tại Chiang Mai - Thái Lan cộng với khóa học ngắn hạn 30 giờ về Thái Massage. Điều này giúp Kiệt tự tin hơn trong việc hướng dẫn mọi người tập các tư thế Asana một cách an toàn, hiệu quả, giúp mọi người hiểu rõ hơn về cơ thể của mình, từ đó đi sâu vào tìm hiểu tâm trí.
Với Kiệt, học yoga hay luyện tập các tư thế Asana giống như bước vào hành trình khám phá chính bản thân mình."